link   MCMic   , - Reply

Great work :-)
(Way better than the usually used random avatar monsters we see around)

link   Layus   , - Reply

We love the cat generator here at home ! I have already adopted 583f13c94f5f5 :-).

link   583f7b02633e4   , - Reply

Cool! I found one I really like through random generating (583f7b02633e4), but now I can't find a name that will give me that one!

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Cute writer one! What name would you like? :)

link   583f7b02633e4   , - Reply

Hmm... I'm not sure... what names are there that already give that catvatar?

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

I can link 583f7b02633e4 to the nickname you want :-)

link   583f7b02633e4   , - Reply

I'm not good at coming up with nicknames. :/
How about "Misty Tales"?

(Incidentally, the capcha I just got said 'k1ty', almost like 'kitty'!)

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Ok for Misty Tales. It should work now :)

(ps: oh oh, nice for the capcha! :3 )

link   Misty Tales   , - Reply


link   Misty Tales   , - Reply

Hmm... didn't work. :(

link   583f7b02633e4   , - Reply

Maybe I need to choose a name without a space in it?

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Ha, my fault! Sorry, now it's working, with and without space. :)

link   Misty Tales   , - Reply

Test two, thank you!

link   Yalyn   , - Reply

This is tes--I-meant-to-say-I'm-a-cat-now! :3

link   Bonaventura Aditya Perdana   , - Reply

I'm cat~ :3

link   F3   , - Reply

Oh, there are multiple easter eggs in generator, by the looks of it. Nice work by the way!

link   pop   , - Reply

I might have peeked at the source to satisfy my curiousity.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Haha :D Now I know the words you tried to type in the generator xD

link   Yi Jing   , - Reply

Hi David. Thanks for the Cat avatar generator! I really like mine. The markings on its blue fur look like Oriental brush strokes. And I like the typewriter and monocle -- they reinforce the cat's image as a curious, investigative writer and editor!

By the way, this is my Chinese name. My English name produced a different cat avatar. It's exactly like your Carrot avatar, David, except that mine has a blue scarf wrapped around its neck so its mouth is covered haha.

I really appreciate your fight to prevent Google from exploiting your readers' data and privacy and the sacrifice it entailed. Thanks a lot for that. Hope you have fun during the holidays!

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Thank you Yi Jing!

link   pop   , - Reply

I'm hoping at some point that there are easter eggs for Truffel and maybe even the correct cat-colors for Yuzu and Mango.

Also hoping for "Pepper" to have a big floppy hat and a mini-broom.

Wanted to suggest that when checking for string equality for easter eggs that you make the check case-insensitive.

Might also be worth parsing some of the bad word lists freely available on Github for the obscenity detection. Not sure if its worth extending to sub-strings (which causes you to run into the Scunthorpe problem) or common substitutions.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Hey pop; if you are motivated by continuing the project, feel free to clone/git it, and add the features, more easter eggs, etc... I'll be happy to keep hosting it. Here I need to focus now on episode 20 of Pepper&Carrot. If I start to tweak more this code, I'll spend month in it. ;-)

link   Willem   , - Reply

Wow! This is great; much better than those boring default images, and it is free!

Thanks a lot!

link   58472828c45f3   , - Reply

It's nice that you care about privacy. And I'm happy something so awesome came out of it :>

link   frenchyParagon   , - Reply

I like "cat", But i'm sad "Tux" and "Kiki" aren't easter eggs ;P

link   libre fan   , - Reply

Quelle bonne idée, ces catavars :-)

Merci David

link   Europrimus   , - Reply

Aurélien Gâteau à créer un générateur d'avatar pour android (http://agateau.com/2016/cat-avatar-gene … droid-app/)
Pour les libristes, il est disponible via f-droid (https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/? … tgenerator)

link   Abner   , - Reply

Just wonder if anyone has created a WP plugin for it?

link   Eibriel   , - Reply

David, congratulations for your switch to more privacy friendly options.

I did a Telegram Bot to generate avatars taking advantage of your "API": http://telegram.me/RevoyCatGenBot

I've added the link to this page, so it should drive some traffic here.

link   Eibriel   , - Reply

Your Avatar Generator is a success (at a modest scale) in Telegram, the Bot had around 1800 requests so far and 4 (over 5) stars on the store bot :D

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Thank you for the news! Good to hear users likes it.

Note: I also made a new version, a bit more 'cold' and not funny, for my other blog on www.davidrevoy.com :
http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/html … ed=thisone

link   Abner   , - Reply

I just created a WP avatars plugin to display those cute cats. https://wordpress.org/plugins/cat-generator-avatars/

It passes the test on my machine, but I know it's buggy. I appreciate if anyone could run it and leave feedback about any issues.

link   David Revoy   Author , - Reply

Thanks for sharing it !

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