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I spent an intensive week of countless hours cleaning up the Pepper&Carrot project. It was really necessary as the size of the project and number of contributions went -again- out of my control. Maintaining the overall project started to become a full-time job on its own and I was finding the structure of folders and repositories confusing... so... probably a lot more confusing for the community of contributors. I also desperately needed to find more time to produce future episodes and not only maintain what we have so far. Here are a list of important changes I did to keep scaling up:

★ Moving from Github to Framagit
I'm moving all the sources of Pepper&Carrot from GitHub to the open and friendly Framagit; Gitlab hosted by Framasoft (you can login to Framagit with your Github account). The repo on GitHub will be removed soon. Thanks again to GitHub for all the fun and hosting. Comment here to let me know your new @name on Framagit and I'll give you permission to clone and push.

★ Opening the code of the website
The website's php/xml code powered by PluXML and its theme and plugins are now finally open and have their own public repository.

Moving to a group
Pepper&Carrot moved to a group with multiple admin, centralized access permissions, pull request and bug tracker.
I no longer own all the repositories under my personal account. This will help maintenance but also reduce the key person risk.

★ Merging all 25 git translation repos
I merged our 25 translation Git repositories into a single one. It's now easier to manage. We still have all our revisions since project creation. The credits are also now centralized to a single at the root.

★ Simpler file-naming 
We had plenty of svg named like that: Pepper-and-Carrot_by-David-Revoy_E##P##.svg ; they are now E##P##.svg .

★ Adopting Inkscape 0.92.2
Our renderfarm now uses Inkscape 0.92.2 by default. It breaks small things here and there (punctuation in right-to-left languages) but I'm sure it can be fixed. (If a contributor mastering Arabic is around this is a call to fix our 'ar' folders).

I hope those changes will prove to be the right decision! I tried to think "big" and make a structure able to handle Pepper&Carrot if it grows to 100 episodes... because this is where I want to go! To episode 100 and beyond ! :-)

<3  I love the centralized inferface on


link   ahz     - Reply

David, you are truly an artist in many ways. You set up a great website, you help bugfixing the FOSS and you have made nice tutorials. You are also able to draw a comics that cheers me up. Thank you.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Thank you Ahz! After this long week of cleaning, refactoring and dealing with the technical part of the project, your comment cheers me up! ;-)

link   Pepca     - Reply

You know you can keep the Github automaticaly updated from the new Gitlab repository? Just setup a simple CI script and it will push your changes automatically. EE versions of Gitlab have some tool to do it even easier.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Thank you Pepca for the information. I didn't know and I studied yesterday evening a bit the situation. Yes, it's possible to sync things; Gitlab has mode to push or pull. But, it is also a problem for privacy: email of our contributors, commit names and our habit (hour we push, productivity, IP from where we push) are still available to a private entity like Github who can use it the way they want.
I decided I'll keep a single repository ; Deevad/peppercarrot , and on it a single with invitation and documentation to adapt to our Framagit page. This way, Github user who wants to use the search engine for a webcomic or Pepper&Carrot will still find the way to our privacy friendly new home.

link   CGand   Translator, - Reply

@cgand on Framagit. Thanks.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply


link   guruguru     - Reply

Hi David, I'm @gurugurusp on Framagit. Thanks :)

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Super! :-)

link   Quiralta     - Reply

Hey David, @RJQuiralta is here! :D

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Merci !

link   Alcean     - Reply

@Alcean ready for translating :)

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Ha super, added !

link   Alexandre     - Reply

Hi David, @almeidaxan here.
Nice to see some changes, especially regarding a more organized workflow. I really support your choice to merge all repos into one. Thanks for the update and keeping up this awesome project.

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Added! Nice to see you around!

link   David Revoy   Author, - Reply

Our group has now 18 members !
I'm sure we can grow to 30 :)

link   Pranav     - Reply

@gitinator ready for translation.

link   Châu     - Reply

Salut David, Love coding and work stories. ¡Merci for tell about Framagit too! @Navi wait translate next episode.

link   libre fan     - Reply

Hello David,

I’m @libre_fan on Framagit.

Congratulations on your move to Framagit (Gitlab)!
Someone else will be delighted about this excellent piece of news: … ez-github/

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